What is Google AdSense


Google AdSense is an ad product from Google for publishers and bloggers to make money from blogging. The beauty of AdSense is the quality of the ads it serves. It shows ads based on the context of the article a reader is reading (Contextual ads) or based on their own interest.

Since Google is an ad company (a lot of users think they are a search engine, which is not right), it focuses on adding value to its advertisers and publishers. If we talk about the history of AdSense, here are a few fine points that you should know:

  1. Google AdSense was launched in March 2003
  2. Google Acquired Applied Semantics to grab the name AdSense in April 2003
  3. Google AdSense has a referral program at the beginning which is still available to selected publishers

What are the benefits of using AdSense?

One of the direct benefits of AdSense is the fact that it is a legitimate advertisement program by Google. 

How AdSense works?

What AdSense offer is the easiest way for a blogger or a publisher to get started with online monetization?

Once you have an approved account from Google AdSense, all you need to do is, add a few lines of codes (use AdSense WordPress plugins) or by manually inserting, and Google AdSense will start showing ads based on different criteria.


After this, as a blogger, all you need to focus is on driving more traffic to your blog and you will start earning more.  When a visitor visiting your website will click on ads shown by AdSense, you will start making money. In some scenarios, Google pays you when visitors even see the ads. Overall, it makes your life easier as now your focus is only on writing quality content and driving targeted traffic.

AdSense is a contextual ad network, which means that ads will be displayed according to your content.  Another way AdSense shows ads is by using the cookie method. Based on user search history, they display targeted ads that convert better. In short, AdSense makes sure that readers will see targeted ads, and thus you will get more clicks and higher payouts than you will with any other ad network.

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