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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection

Over-Optimize And Be Penalized
14Sep, 2021

Got a Wi-Fi connection but it’s running really slow? Fortunately, there’s a simple set of tricks you can use to boost the speed of Wi-Fi on any Windows PC. Here’s how…

1) Only Use One “Internet Program” At Once – Programs such as Skype, AIM and MSN all take up massive amounts of Wi-Fi bandwidth each time you use them. Many people don’t realize this, and have all sorts of programs loaded on their PC whilst they are trying to browse the Internet, and wonder why it’s running slow. You need to close down all the programs you are not using, as they will just be slowing your Wi-Fi connection down. Wi-Fi connections only have a certain level of “bandwidth” which means that you can only get so much data through the connection at any one time. If you have too many programs trying to constantly get that data, you’ll just end up making your entire connection run slow.

2) Install The Latest Drivers – The drivers of your system help Windows to actually run the hardware on your PC. They are needed for every component on your system, but in order to get your wireless network running as fast as possible, you need to have the latest drivers to ensure maximum connectivity. You should look on the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver downloads and they should give you plenty of instructions on how how to install them.

3) Update Your Card or Router – I’m guessing this isn’t going to be too popular piece of advice, but it’s one of the easiest ways to speed up your Wi-Fi. If you have a PC, then you should try and update your Wi-Fi card to an “N” card (the fastest) and you should try updating your router to one which supports the N format of speed. This will allow your network to run at 100mb/s over wireless, which is extremely fast.

4) Secure Your Network With A WPA Key – Too many people just leave their networks exposed to unwanted users by not protecting it. You should put a “WPA” onto your network, which is basically just like a password for it. This password will only allow you & your family to access your Wi-Fi, speeding it up. It’s often the case that people will just “leech” people’s Internet connections if they get the chance to as they are not secure.

5) Clean The Registry – This is a widely recommended piece of advice because it works quite well. Basically, the ‘registry’ is the database which stores information about your computer and software. It keeps information ranging from your latest emails, desktop icons and even your most visited websites stored inside… and it also keeps details about your Wi-Fi connection. What sometimes happens is that Windows will accidentally save some of these connections settings in the wrong way, making them unreadable. This causes your computer to take longer to read the registry settings it needs to run, slowing down your connection. To fix this, you can download a ‘registry cleaner’ from the Internet and then use it to speed up your system. These tools are automated and work quickly to fix any of the problems that you will have on your system.

Source by Greg Harry Barker

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