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Best Seo Diagrams with Money Robot

04Jun, 2020

Hi there, I will post here our best SEO diagrams for Money Robot Software, please enjoy the diagrams, will make constant case studies and will post here the best diagrams.

Here you can see the most used diagram by SEO experts, the diagram use only web 2.0 blogs tasks and 4 social signs tasks which provide social signs for tier 1 and tier 2, this diagram consume 0 captchas during the re-submission process and it will always be one of the best diagrams, I want to mention that the diagram size is small and it is recommended 4-6 campaigns which will always provide good results, this diagram is also designed for big niches where you can basically run the campaigns even 10 times or 20 times, depends on niche size.

Diagram code is : SES01
Diagram Name : “1>3>12”

This diagram name is “Web 2.0 Star”, the diagram has very good results for websites (but it also has very good results for YouTube video rankings), the diagram was created by one of our biggest clients that has a big number of MR licenses and it is used for a long time with good results.

Diagram code is : SES02
Diagram Name : “Web 2.0 Star”

This diagram is created by one of our biggest clients from Australia (they have a big number of MR licenses), they show me for more months very good results using the diagram and I request them to allow me to share it with all MR users. I want to mention that this diagram is used together with “1>3>12” diagram and it is ranking websites, but also videos (it is a very good diagram for videos also)

Diagram ID : SES03
Diagram Name : “Web 2.0 Power”

This is a very powerful diagram recommended for videos and website rankings, the diagram has many web 2.0 blogs and a couple social signs tasks, and at tier 4 it has two social signs tasks designed to help in faster indexing of previous tiers.

Diagram code : SES04
Diagram Name : “(4 tiers) 2 > 2×6 > 2×7 > 1 > social”

This is one of the most powerful diagrams designed only for very big niches, it creates a very strong tier 1 links (with low number of links on tier 1), it is used with very good results in very high niches, (this diagram is not needed for normal niches). Each tier 1 link created by this diagram is very powerful.
Diagram ID: SES05
Diagram Name: “Tree Power (for High Niches)”

New powerful diagram with simple structure with 4 tiers, the social bookmarks tasks found on tier 4 and 3 are helping a lot in getting the web 2.0 blogs indexed faster, this why the rankings results are faster,
Diagram ID : SES06
Diagram Name “Web 2.0 x 3 – powered by Social Bookmarks”

Another powerful diagram designed for normal niches, the diagram has many Tier 2 tasks which provide good power to tier 1. which will also result in faster indexing rate.
Diagram ID : SES07
Diagram Name : “Web 2.0 Shield”

New diagram with that will provide more social signs than most of the diagrams, which help in indexing the backlinks faster, the diagram will be finished fast.

Diagram ID : SES08
Diagram Name : “Social Star”

Another powerful diagram that gets the backlinks indexed faster, providing faster results, the diagram is powering the web 2.0 blogs with 8 social bookmarks tasks having 3 tiers.
Diagram ID: SES09
Diagram Name: “Social Bookmarks Power”

The standard 1>3>12 diagram received one update that will force the web 2.0 blogs to get indexed faster, the diagram contain 6 more social bookmarks tasks which force the indexing of web 2.0 blogs faster, this diagram will not replace the 1>3>12 diagram (the first diagram from the page).
Diagram ID : SES10
Diagram Name : “1 > 3 > 12 + Social Bookmarks”

Another good diagram designed for medium and high niches, the diagram contain 24 task on tier 2 , 6 tasks on tier 1 and 2 social tasks.
Diagram ID : SES11
Diagram Name : “1 > 6 > 24”

This diagram is designed to power up 4 web 2.0 tasks which are PBNs hosted on free web 2.0 blogs, the diagram provided fast results, and get the backlinks indexed faster.
Diagram ID : SES12
Diagram Name: “PBN Power”

This is a diagram designed for Massive sites (sites with a big number of pages), the diagram it is designed to create many tier 1 links which are very useful for massive sites, it is recommended for this diagram to use 50-100 URLs per campaign, each URL will receive a couple backlinks.
Diagram ID : SES13
Diagram Name : “DR Massive sites 12>24 + 2 Social Signs”

This is a new and special diagram, that is needed only for very big niches, the diagram creates a low number of tier 1 links, but each tier 1 link is very powerful because of this reason this diagram is needed only for very big niches, the diagram was created by one of our client that is a good seo expert.

Diagram ID : SES14
Diagram Name : “1 > 4 > 24 T1 Power (For High niches)”

The next diagram is a more complex diagram it is designed to rank websites and videos, it contains more social signs on tier 1 , 2 and 3, it is a powerful diagram and of course like the rest of the diagrams can be mixed (used together with the other diagrams).

Diagram ID : SES15
Diagram Name : “web 2.0 Power Big”

Here is a simple DAS Diagram that has a special way of redirecting the power from a tier to other, the backlinks are indexed a little faster than the rest of diagrams.

Diagram ID : SES16
Diagram Name : “PU 03 – DAS ( 16 tiers )”

The next diagram is powered by a couple of web 2.0 profiles and many social bookmarks, this diagram consume more captchas, but the indexing rate of tier 1 and 2 is very fast, the diagram is designed for big niches , a couple of campaigns with this diagram will provide fast results, I want to mention that this diagram is recommended for websites especially, but also provide good results for video rankings.

Diagram ID: SES18
Diagram Name : “T< 1blog, 1 profile < 2blogs < 9 profiles < 9 sb”

One more small and powerful diagram, this diagram have also one web 2.0 profile task on tier 1, web 2.0 profiles are also good for tier 1, we usually use them on tier 2, but the results are also very good with web 2.0 profiles on tier 1 , this diagram is recommended to run 2-3 times or more.

Diagram ID : SES19

Here you can see a very big diagram with a simple structure, it has very good results for very big niches (don’t use this diagram for small/medium/high niches), the diagram creates only a couple Tier 1 links, but those links will be very very powerful,

Diagram ID: SES20

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