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Backlink Supremecy – Platinum Article Submission Secrets

SEO is the bread and milk of newbie affiliates – those of you that are at that newbie stage or even advanced marketers reading this article would know that in the beginning you want to test the waters, not spend too much money and go for the free route when ever you come across it. That’s what I thought and did in the beginning anyway… I used all the free options and traffic avenues to my disposal and it sure works a charm if you put some elbow grease into it. Off course after you see some stuff working and some money coming in you can start to use more advanced, automated and even outsourced services to get the job done quicker.

OK so seeing that this article is about reigning supreme by getting more backlinks I should probably introduce some of your noobs to what exactly backlinks are. A backlinks is another site pointing towards your site – this can be obtained in many ways. What a backlink does is it obviously sends traffic through that link and it also gives your site weight in the eyes of the all mighty Google and the rest of the Search Engines. The better you then rank for those targeted keywords the more traffic your site eats up.

One of the best ways I found to increase backlinks as well as harvest instant traffic to my site in the beginning was through Article Marketing or Article submissions. You simple write an article about the certain niche or market you are in, try to include your targeted keywords in the title and body… as well as link out through a targeted keyword to your site or blog. it depends on which niche you are in, but some of these articles in particular niches get craze views meaning that you are getting a cool new backlink as well as instant targeted traffic.

Now are you still worrying about ways to get more backlinks or to improve traffic. Make sure to use this method to get both.

Source by Ryan Matthews