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Confirming & Verifying a PayPal Account in Nigeria

PayPal has different policies for different countries and when verifying or confirming a PayPal account in Nigeria, the way you go about it all depends on which country is involved. Europe, America, Asian or African account all have their peculiarities and knowing about them is the only way you can run a PayPal account based in this countries without issues.

This article is to open the eyes of Nigerians especially to the mistake of opening an account and hoping to use it without first finding out the issues behind each country they choose to select.

PayPal Account Based in African Countries.

Apart from a few African countries like Ghana, Nigeria and some trouble spots and those blacklisted by the US government for political reasons (Sudan), many African countries are allowed to have a PayPal account. But the problem here is most of them if not all are only allowed to send and not receive cash in their PayPal account.

A lot of Nigerians have thought that since we can not have a PayPal account in Nigeria, we have to open account with other countries. But if you really want to do this, avoid Africa based accounts because you will end up with an account in my opinion is useless. If you can only send money to others and never receive money, there is really no need to consider that kind of account especially when 90% of Nigerians who need paypal want it for the purpose of making money online with it. I have lots of request to help fund an account only to find out during the transfer the “this account can not receive cash”. Then I have to tell them and they have to go opening an account in another country.

Funding a PayPal account in Nigeria

1.First ensure that your PayPal account is not an African Account. An account from America, Asia (Avoid middle east accounts), and Europe will do.

2.Contact PayPal exchangers or funding companies in Nigeria by searching the term in Google. You will see a list of useful websites that can be useful.

3.Supply your PayPal id and get funded.

Source by Emmanuel Ekanem