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Content Was, Is, and Will Be the King

It’s the thing that can make it or break it. It’s the thing that matters at the end of the day. You can pack anything in fancy wrappers and present it with gusto like no one has ever seen before. You can wow people into opening the fancy package and anticipating wonders. but if the content is not up to the mark, it will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the consumers and you will lose them forever. This is exactly why content matters. Let me rephrase it. This is why unique, exciting, original and thoughtful content matters. It can be in any form; be it a video, a solitary social media post, a Gif, an article, an infographic, or an Instagram story; but the meat of the matter is the content. Here is why content is, was, and will always be the king. And especially when it comes to the digital space. Everything and anything; be it branding, marketing or advertising; content matters the most. Here’s why content was, is, and will always be the king.

Catalyses engagement:

Good content stimulates the user to converse, act on the form of content, and interact with it. In the world driven by social media, a solitary like or a thumbs up is not enough anymore. The old five step process, i.e. Pause-Read-Like-Share-Follow is all due to authentic and great quality content. Otherwise you are just one of the posts or content that people scroll by and gets lost in the crazy busy social media scenario. Make them care. That’s what content is for.

Want to sell? Use good content.

Being in a branding agency, we understand the impact good content has on brand awareness and a stamp of authority that it commands. Even while trying to sell a product, try and make the content sound not like a speech a salesman would give. If you want the user to have genuine interest and interact with the brand, the content needs to make them feel comfortable and make them feel the brand cares ‘more than just wanting us to buy their product’. Try too hard to sell and the comer will back off. Make them brand advocates and fans of your product by good content, consistently.

Great content doesn’t describe the product, but adds to it

What more can you do? The product has been created and it has a specific purpose, be it in whatever field. Now the customer facing aspect is the product and ‘how you pitch it to them’, and that is where good content can make it or break it. And the customer will always go for whatever adds more value to their current situation, or solves a problem nothing else will. Intangible value is regarded as more important than a merely functional one. There’s a reason why DIY videos, instructional videos, bite-sized cooking videos on Tasty work like magic.

Enables more engagement and directs more traffic

Good content is a gift that keeps on giving. And if you deliver it consistently, it adds more traffic to your website. The stay period on the website, returning customers, ads well as referrals; everything is based on how good the content is and has the power to grab and then sustain the interest of the customer. Engaging content leaves a certain impression, and that’s hard to get rid of, be it positive or negative.

It’s a boon for search engine optimization

Nowadays everything is about search engine rankings. As a social media agency/branding agency that forays into digital on an everyday basis, we get so many requests from clients that start with ‘How can I be seen on the first page of Google?’. Our answer is great content. Add to that internal inks, relevant keywords and links to other websites etc. aids in how the product will be perceived. Also don’t forget how it works wonders for a backlink profile.

We could go on and on, but that would be overdoing it. Let us know your thoughts on why content is king.

Source by Renuka Sharma