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Earn Cash Make Money Online Writing Articles

One of the most searched keywords phrases I have found is earn cash make money online. This seems like a combination of two keywords because the searcher is looking to earn cash and they want to use the Internet to do it. That may be you. It was and still is ME 🙂

Here are two ways you can earn cash and make money online to do it.

One way, that anyone with a United States address, can do right away is write articles and submit them for payment to Associated Content. This is an article directory that pays for articles and other content. Here is how to make money with them.

1. Publish your original articles, images, videos and audio. I personally have written articles and average around $5 per article. They are looking for specific articles and not just general ones. For example if you were to write about moving tips you stand a better chance to get published and get paid if you were to write about moving tips to Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

2. Showcase your knowledge to a rapidly-growing worldwide audience. You can write about anything you want. They will let you know of specific topics they are paying for, but if you provide good quality content they will look at almost anything. The one thing I have found is if they are overloaded with articles in any specific category they will offer to publish you, but not pay for the articles.

3. Earn extra cash through up-front payments and bonus incentives. This is where you make your money. They pay through PayPal and only pay United States residents. My understanding is this is because they do not have an international PayPal account.

How fast you get paid is determined by how busy they are. I have been published and paid on an article in less than 5 days. I have also seen it take up to 10 days. Either way you can earn cash and make money online very quickly with them.

4. Other things about Associated Content. You can easily track how many times your article has been viewed. You can interact with other publisher. You will improve as a writer and they offer comments to you on how to do that.

You can create a residual income on how many times your articles have been viewed. There is one writer who has been publishing with them for over 2 years and has over 2 million times her articles have been viewed. She is earning over $200 a month in residual income.

You can join Associated Content for free and start earning cash right away on the Internet by writing and getting published.

Another somewhat controversial way to earn cash and make money on the Internet is to get paid to blog. There is a very solid opportunity that is endorsed by Internet marketing legend John Reese known as Pay Per Post. You can learn more here:

I have personally signed up and am waiting for my blog to be approved so I can start making money.

Here is an overview of how it works.

You get paid for Blogging. You’ve been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate. That’s about to change. With PayPerPost advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It’s that simple.

It takes 48-72 hours to get your blog approved. Then you can start reviewing opportunities and posting in your blog. It takes 30 days for your post to be live before you get paid. I view this as filling up a pipeline.

Once you get it full if you post on a regular basis you should always be able to have money coming it. I will keep you up to date on how PayPerPost is working for me.

O.K. this is to ways to earn cash make money online. There are many others. Writing on the Internet is becoming more and more in demand everyday. Instead of fighting it you should start learning how to get better at it.

Think about this. If you can earn $50K to $100K a year writing on the Internet how great of a life would you have. You could write everyday while traveling around Europe. You could move to Hawaii for several months a year and get up and write while looking at a beautiful beach.

If you have Internet connection you can write. With Associated Content and PayPerPost you always have the ability to get up and earn cash and do it online. What a great way to make money and not be limited in how much you make.

Source by Jeff Schuman