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Golden Rules of Blog Commenting at Last Unleashed

Blogs have been around for ages online and more and more people are starting there own blogs by the day. Whether it is to spread the word about something, in the form of an online diary or to make money online. I should think that the person reading this article is in it to increase traffic, get more backlinks and eventually use blogging as a variable to make more money online.

Blogging and to blog is a very social thing, you have to like to network and interact as well as constantly stay on the ball with what is happening in and around your niche… not only that but for your blog to truly be successful and ever increase in traffic and readers you need to keep it updated with good fresh content by posting at least once a day.

So you are already doing all that… what else can you possibly do to increase backlinks and your traffic running towards your site and affiliate promotions. Well you need to become more active within your niche, start by going through some of the most popular blogs in your niche along with the not so popular one’s. Read there posts and start giving them honest feedbacks via commenting. This will make people notice you as well as send warmed up traffic towards your site.

Another way of using blog commenting is bu going over to, simply do a query of the niche that you’re in and see the results come in. The Search Results you will see before you are all blogs that offer do-follow comment, meaning that if you leave a relevant comment and it gets approved you will receive a one-way link aka backlink from that site. this will increase your SE Rankings and eventually when ranking good enough you will get more traffic.

So start networking, start getting active within your blog and see the traffic and rewards come in for you to harvest…

Source by Ryan Matthews