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Google Adsense Auto Ads vs Manual Ads – Which is Better?

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Google auto ads are getting mentioned quite a bit by some people and you’re probably wondering if they are worth it. And to keep a long story short, yes, I feel they are.

But that DOESN’T mean you should implement them on your website right now. You really need to watch till the end of the video to better understand the difference and some things you need to be very careful of when using auto ads.

In this video I’ll be explaining the difference between Auto ads vs, Manual ads and what I recommend. Not only that, but I’ll show a screen share to let you see exactly how much auto ads makes across a handful of my website so you can see real-world numbers.

What are Google Auto Ads?
• Automatic placement
• Less thought, more revenue (typically)

Why Would Someone Use Auto Ads?
• Easier to implement
• Can mean extra income from manual ads
• They are simply lazy

Do I Use Adsense Auto Ads?

Yes, but I always tweak certain things

What types of ads does Auto Ads offer?

Matched Content

Possible Problems with Adsense Auto Ads

Lack of Control: Probably my biggest problem with Adsense auto ads is the lack of control from them. When you put auto ads in your website, you’re letting Google jam as many ads in as possible without knowledge or adding limitations of ads per page.

Potential for violations:
• Don’t account for ad networks outside of adsense
• Could show too many ads on pages

Load times of page: Adsense uses javascript to load and there are many times where it can slow a website down.

Alternatives to Auto Ads

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