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How To Place Your Site On The Front Page Of Google Without Buying Ads

Yes, without paying for click through from ads you can get customers to buy your merchandise and increase online sales. And by following the advice of an SEO expert like Fallon, you can get your website on the front page of Google.

In his new book Stomping the Search Engines Fallon tells you how a little business can take on the giants. You can get better search engine recognition for your small home business than some of the huge national chains that aren’t on the front page of Google. It is amazing how you can increase online sales once you learn how SEO works.

When you read Stomping the Search Engines, you’ll discover the power of SEO research and free search. You’ll learn how to use the terms used by shoppers versus researchers, to increase online sales. According to Fallon, people who are just looking for information online use one or two words. However, shoppers trying to find a particular item, will likely use three or more words to find exactly what they want.

The author of Stomping the Search Engines knows that for an online business to be successful, your site needs to be there “when they’re looking”. If Internet users are searching terms that you aren’t using, guess what, you can’t increase online sales? They won’t be pulling up your site. They’ll be landing on the ones who did the SEO research and found out how they search.

The right word choices and the right links can steer your site to the front page of Google. And, then be prepared for your business to take an unexpected leap. As Fallon says, “get ready to get a warehouse.”

According to Stomping the Search Engines, placing in the top 10 rankings on the front page of Google can increase online sales and turn a start-up home business such as into a big business, big enough to have a warehouse and 40 fulltime employees. Now Fallon has had to add CEO to his title of SEO.

A business that can lead in its search category by getting on the front page of Google and Yahoo is going to increase online sales. And, if that niche is a strong one, such as wedding favors, the sales volume can rocket from zero in January 2004 to over $1 million in business in less than a year. And this from a business selling items that cost an average of $2 each.

That’s just what happened to Fallon used his SEO skills – the same ones he’ll teach you in Stomping the Search Engines — to position his wife’s small start-up business as the top wedding favors destination on the top search engines. And is not just on the front page of Google; it is number one on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

For today’s Internet business, search engine optimization or SEO is the rocket science to increase online sales. It’s the behind the scenes nuts and bolts that makes it possible for your business to leave the basement it starts in and zoom into national view on the front page of Google, Yahoo or MSN where shoppers can easily find you for free.

How do you increase online sales and get your store to pull up on the front page of Google? It’s all about SEO. You read Fallon’s book, Stomping the Search Engines. And you do competitive research. You go to the # 10 ranked site on Google and Yahoo (in your search category) and check their content, titles, bold copy and links. In short, analyze what they’re doing. In order to take their place, you’ll have to do better.

Source by Matt Bacak