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Off-page SEO: Backlinks

The importance of link popularity and link reputation, backlinks, keeps rising. A solid link campaign is essential to your online success. To check on your links, use Yahoo! since their data is updated daily. Remember, a great link campaign should extend beyond your home page.

Link campaigns for category pages, articles and press announcements are an excellent idea and it will help funnel back PageRank to your webpage if you use the dynamic linking strategies from Leslie Rohde.

Internal/External Links

Link text from quality sites continues to bolster sites in Google, while, “spam” and “link farm” sites continue being ignored and penalized. If your solid link profile doesn’t exist, using obvious paid links can hurt the page you’re attempting to promote. If you buy links, be smart, avoid using a Gmail address.

Ignore backlink numbers as they tell you nothing. Don’t allow visible PageRank, on the toolbar, to influence your decisions, it’s old and outdated. For SEO, only targeted keyword phrases that convert, cost 50 cents or more per click and get at least ten clicks daily. Use NicheWatch to verify if you can get into the Top 20 within 30 days or less. Look for “gaps” in the AllinAnchor column.

If the numbers start receding of order quickly, it means there are opportunities for you. If it’s “stacked” then you may want to put that keyword phrase on hold for the time being.

Once you have a keyword phrase to focus on, write down where your page ranks overall, allinanchor, allintitle and allintext. Use SEO Elite to investigate the links of every site that ranks above you in the AllinAnchor column. Contact the very best ones for a link or advertising. Rewrite Your Title Tag (as needed). Analyze the top ten sites for your keyword phrase using IBP.

Review how your page stacks up against the Top Ten. Make adjustments according to the recommendations. Don’t stress within the keyword density but focus on the proximity.

After you have made the changes and uploaded these phones your server, completed 10-30 link requests, made blog/forum posts, sent a press release, posted articles, placed advertising, etc., wait 2-3 days and run the NicheWatch report.

If your numbers increased in the columns then you should have also increased your overall ranking. Get more links but wait a week before re-checking. If your ranking dropped in either the AllinText column or overall, restore your old page while focusing on links. Often, it takes Google 5-7 days to integrate the content they’ve indexed and integrate it to the SERPs. Be patient and don’t check your rankings every day or you could make incorrect decisions.

You need to check your rankings at a maximum of once a week to determine where you are lacking, and then make the required changes. You do this again and again until you are number one. Then you can check the listings once every two weeks. Keep in mind, when you are #2 not many SEOs are gunning for you. When you are #1, every SEO in your industry is gunning for you and you have to stay on your toes.

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