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SEO – Your Key To Traffic Generation

Entrepreneurs often wonder why their websites do not show up on search results, and why their PRs are so low. Everybody designs their site to the best of their capabilities. Your site may have the best quality content and strong marketing capabilities, but it might rank lower on search engines. It can be frustrating, and harmful for business. But while you were busy getting the best content writers and designers to jazz up your site, you forgot another specialist- the SEO expert. So you would ask who is an SEO expert and why do you need his services.

Let me begin by saying that an SEO expert is as vital to your online business as the heart to the human body. These experts possess multitasking abilities like web designing, product designing, developing content, marketing, etc. They are the ones who are instrumental in improving your site’s PR (Page Ranking) and driving traffic to your website. They specialize in this domain and play a big role in the better performance of a site. SEO experts come up with frequently used keywords which are relevant to your business and your site, and they optimize these words, by developing various advertising programs like back linking and PPC (Pay Per Click).

So now you know that an SEO expert will be your Mon-Friday as far as your website traffic is concerned. But what is SEO’s main role in bringing traffic to your site? To understand that, you need to realize that sharing links with sites that are similar to your business is important. This is called link exchange and you need to find out sites in your area of business, which are already established and have high PRs. Sharing like with these sites, helps drive traffic to your main site.

There are link building exercises that are one of the biggest parts of SEO. Link wheeling is an important part of link building and SEO; it constitutes writing a bunch of articles with an anchor text and then posting them on various social networking sites, web 2.0 properties and well-known blog sites. Search engines love fresh, original content and the crawlers take to them like fish to water. All articles that are posted on various sites should link back to each other as well as the main money site (your site). The anchor text is the keyword, which is most valuable for your particular product, and every time someone searches the web with that keyword, your website will come up on the search.

Another important aspect of SEO is Social bookmarking. Every social bookmarking site counts as a backlink to your main money site, which boosts your website ranking. Blogging and visiting other blogs creates a backlink to your website. You can create the blog replies on your own or have an SEO specialist do the job for you, creating a link directly back to your site.

The above mentioned tips for SEO take time to work and you should not expect to see results in two or three months. The competitive keywords used are the main key factors in bringing your PR up, and you might see a significant jump in the ranking of your page if you have follow the blogging, web directory submission and social bookmarking, along with link wheeling properly. If your SEO expert is using competitive keywords, you might find a second page ranking as well, but remember the entire process is time consuming.

Source by Pathika Dhara Sharma