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Using Articles to Get Your Alexa Rank Lower

The method of article marketing is employed by beginning (as well as intermediate and advanced) search engine marketers in order to obtain unique backlinks from different domains to a website. The goals are to increase your Page rank and decrease your Alexa rank as indicators of viable traffic.

In the competitive world of optimization, it is often necessary to use content marketing services to obtain the number of articles necessary to compete with robust companies. Alternatively, you can simply dig in and begin a program of promotion stretching out over the months of writing your own articles and submitting them to various outlets.

Considering that blog commenting can be considered a slowly-fading technique, and guest-blogging is more intensive than many can handle, article marketing for improved Alexa ranking is the only remaining free method that gives you the most control in your SEO designs.

Article content writing sometimes gets a bad rap; and rightfully so, given the incorrect ways that most people use it. The search engines don’t rate it as highly as they did in the best, as article writing for directories has given way to guest-blogging. The continuous turning-out of SPAM using very poorly-written articles is the major reason behind the reluctance of a few of the top article directories to accept hastily-written articles; however, intelligent use of content marketing services can produce articles that are timely and relevant.

Using tools such as a content marketing service can both help you keep up a pace of turning out good articles, as well as function as function as a source for new ideas and posts on which to build. Next comes submission to article directories for the purpose of building quality backlinks.

Keep in mind that article marketing serves two purposes: drive visitors to your websites, and to inform them directly (by providing something of value) in-copy. It’s OK if they walk away without continuing on to your site; your message is out there, and if the article is well-written, they’ll likely bookmark it for a future visit.

Additionally, it is instructive to keep a notepad of unique ideas near your writing space; you never now when article ideas might hit you while searching the web. endeavors.

The first step is to try and get your Alexa value under one million – for reference, the absolute best sites all have a value under ten thousand. By the time you get to a hundred thousand, your site will likely be quite lucrative.

A word of caution for the beginning SEO: never, ever use an article rewriter for guest blogging or article marketing. Even though this technique of search engine optimization is similar to article marketing, the extra emphasis on content-specific quality makes even high-accuracy article rewriting a dubious tactic that should be avoided. The search engines have simply moved on from this shoddy technique, and rewriting doesn’t work for any reason – you’re just wasting money and filling the internet with garbage.

Guest blogging opportunities are rare, and so it is always worth it to make sure you put your best foot forward. Reading the blog of the person you wish to approach for a direct article marketing opportunity is the recommended way to get the very high-quality links available from this specific technique. In the end, these are the things that will build your reputation and get your blog ranked highly in no time.

Source by Mike G Ohalia