Online marketing is a very important tool of business promotion which is used by businesses and marketing experts around the world. Having a strong virtual presence is very important for each and every business in the 21st century. The consumers spend a lot of time online, browsing through various social media sites. They often make […]

Introduction. First of all, “which is appropriate?” would be a better question. The truth is that each software development method is appropriate in different circumstances. This article discusses my personal experiences with these approaches within Axios, and I welcome any comments or different perspectives. It’s fair to say that we use our own flavours of […]

One size does not fit all… Networking works. You know that. We know that – it has the power to completely transform your business. People regularly ask me about which networking group I would recommend. A fair question considering how many years I have been networking… However this is often preceded by negativity about networking […]

There has been a huge transformation in custom business application. Till date, business applications such as ERP, CRM and data mining were considered as the toughest and the most expensive solutions for the small businesses. The robust client applications include lump sum licensing fees, copyrighted software and expensive hardware to operate in the correct way. […]

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