Have you started selling on eBay but can’t seem to get the result that you want? Here are some breakthroughs that can get you the eBay income you are looking for:

1. Offer your items internationally. Exposing your items to a wider market will result to more bids and higher bid price. However, when doing this, you will need to consider few things: Dollar conversion rate, language barrier, international shipping, communication, and time difference.

2. Offer various products. Did you know that one of eBay’s powersellers is offering 4,000 different products all at the same time? This is the fastest way to sell more items and to get more feedback in as little as a week.

3. Maintain your feedback rating. It should not go below 98% to make it to eBay’s powerseller list. Build your reputation, sell as much as you can, provide great customer service, and take care of your clients. These are the best ways to get great rating in eBay.

4. Post your items and make sure that they won’t end on Sunday evenings. This is the best time where more buyers are surfing the site and you’ll get higher chances of closing a good deal if your auction ends on weekdays.

5. Keep your post simple. Animation, whistles, multicolored text will not definitely help you close a deal instead, use plain text on your listing, detailed description, and clear photos to attract more potential buyers.

6. Advertise your eBay page. Promote your eBay page through social networking sites, forums, and blogs. You can also utilize PPC advertising, article marketing, and even SEO to drive traffic to your site.

Now that you know the 5 breakthroughs in eBay and auction, you can start selling your items now and think like a powerseller and you’ll soon be.

Source by Sean Mize

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