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How to use Google Related Keyword Finder

05Feb, 2021

How to use this software?

01.       Click “Get Activation Code :” Button.

02.       Click “Copy to Clipboard”.

03.       Click “Activate the Application” Button.

04.       Click “Yes”.

05. Click “Activate System” and wait 10 second.

06.       Please wait for end of process loading.

07.       Type your keyword and click “Search” Butten.

08.       Waiting for research and popup message.

09.       After research popup the message and Click “Ok”1 then Click “Collect All Related Keywords”2.

10.       Now you have related keyword for your input keyword. Now you can Click “Save” button and save your findings.

11.       You can save all collected keyword using *.txt file to your computer.

12.       You want to continue for another research Click “Clear”1 Button and next click “Activate System” Button.

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