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How long does MOZ takes to update DA and PA value

How long does Moz takes to update DA and PA value
04Dec, 2020

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I used to work daily on my office website and  follow link building strategy. however, since more than 40-50 days, there is no movement in my DA, as the PA has just lifted up. However, there is no changes in Domain Authority so far. Besides, other than this website, im working on location wise SEO projects, but, i can find those websites Domain Authority changed in less 20 days. Is there is time period in changing the Domain Authority once it touched DA 30+?


Hey – great questions, also good to hear that your PA is improving (as a result of your link building efforts, I assume?).

If you’re tracking this site as a “campaign” in Moz, then it reports on DA and PA on a month over month basis. It’s also not uncommon for a DA to remain stagnant. That said, I have a few caveats in regards to reporting on DA/PA over time:

  • “domain authority” and “page authority” are scores developed by Moz and while they’re useful for getting a gauge of the quality and quantity of a site’s internal link profile, these aren’t necessarily ranking factors nor scores that search engine use to rank your site. Moz states on the above link “Domain Authority is not a metric used by Google in determining search rankings and has no effect on the SERPs.”
  • given that Moz’s own calculation of/algorithm for DA and PA change, reporting on DA and PA over time are not reliable metrics for performance. 

I’d instead encourage you to evaluate your link building performance by:

  • reputation / trust of a given linking domain. Are you earning links from reputable sources with high editorial control, like Business Insider, Time, Forbes, etc? 
  • referrals from acquired links. Are you actually gaining referral traffic from these links?
  • UX metrics of referral traffic. Once referred users land on your site, are they doing/converting/purchasing/etc. the actions you want them to?

Source: MOZ Community here

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