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Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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12Sep, 2021

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Life cycle of software development is a gradual process followed in software development. It is also called the software life cycle. The sooner the process primarily on the developer. Today, SDLC involves teams of experts in various fields such as analysts, testers, architects, programmers, and even end users. Cycle of software development is important because it provides a plan to bring together various aspects of software development. Without these two dies or is exercising it against the standards set or expected.

SDLC of the following steps —

Needs Analysis-This step involves careful and thorough review and study the client’s needs. It requires a good working experience in the SE (Software Engineering) to the critical understanding of the requirements (stated or expected).

Specifications-Once the analysis results have been stated clearly exposed, living between the specification stage. At this stage, the specifications of the software are made and documented. These specifications are important for external interfaces

Architecture analysis and design architecture provides a software system provided. One ensures the implementation of customer requirements and further indicated accommodate future needs. The design specifies the interfaces between the system and other software products, equipment and various underlying operating system.

Coding-coding part of codifying certain design for better intelligibility.

Test – The test is considered the most important stage of SDLC. It is active testing done the code work in harmony.

Documentation – The documentation is an important aspect of SDLC given that the proper documentation facilitates the study and understanding of the facts concerning the system for future maintenance and additions.

Training – Lack of training leads to failure of the project and training is seen as an important part of SDLC.

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