Durgapur has advanced a lot from a small town to a prime industrial hub of the eastern zone. The software companies in Durgapur have paved the way for a new era where the digital world can get into its actual shape and form by providing services in global IT that are serving the customers living in different parts of the world. On the other hand, this place also has all the facilities of a metropolitan but does not suffer from the unpleasantness of it. Due to the prominence of IT, sector in the country changed the economic landscape of the nation. The concept of liberalisation, globalisation, and privatisation make giant strides in the IT domain of the country. Indian IT industry is regarded as the most robust industry worldwide.

Software development companies in Durgapur work to design the official website of the respective firm that seeks assistance in developing the site for them. These firms offer a wide range of services that includes web developing, designing, mobile app development, logo designs are few to mention.

A well-designed website is an effective way to reach a broad client base. The IT Company in Durgapur works with professionals that include web developer, designers, SEO and content writers who work efficiently to fulfil their client’s requirement in the country as well as abroad. A lot of web designing firms have emerged across India, and many of them have transformed into a globally renowned brand. A well-equipped website works like a magic wand to boost business.

An advantage that is being provided by software companies in Durgapur that they are hiring people from local milieu, thus creating enormous job opportunities for the locals of the city. As we know Durgapur is an educational hub for many management and engineering colleges, so freshers are getting an excellent job, and they are accepting jobs at a lower remuneration as they are getting on the job training.

Considering India’s position as the significant outsourcing nation, besides, with the initiatives of the present administration has triggered the emergence of many new website development companies in Durgapur which not only accomplishes domestic projects but equally offer services to various international clients. To develop Durgapur into knowledge and technology-driven society the administration is re-designing the existing laws to provide a supportive and straightforward business environment to the entrepreneurs.

Due to the execution of GST (Goods and Service Tax) by the Indian Government on June 30, 2017, to offer the citizens a ‘One country one tax’ system is expected to have a positive effect on the budding entrepreneurs of Durgapur.

The GST has helped the web development company in Durgapur West Bengal in many ways like With GST coming into effect, so the start-up now need to register only once on GST network and can operate their business from any part of the country without any hassle or tension. The complexities of paying different taxes for different states are predicted to be abolished.

More and more IT companies are emerging in Durgapur because whose annual turnover is less than 20 lakh are not liable for paying taxes under GST bill. Not only this start-up can also choose for composition levy at a lower rate whose annual turnover is less than 50 lakh.

Fresher as well as experienced software developers and engineers are in huge demand in IT Firms of Durgapur because of their professionalism and skills and moreover, for foreign software firm hiring an Indian IT professional is quite cheaper when compared to the IT professionals of the developed nations. This is the sole reason why foreign companies outsource their projects to Indian software firms. As a result of which many software development centres have emerged in the city. Technologically skilled and English speaking software professionals are dominating the global software enterprise. Though Indian techies are in huge demand in foreign companies, the recent visa issues in some nations have lowered the price of immigration of Indian techies.

With the progressive slogan of the Indian government towards “Make in India” the trend of entrepreneurship is substantial amongst the younger generation in India. Apart from the IT giants many new small and medium software firms have emerged in India and those organisations are executing various projects for many national and international clients. Again these companies are also generating employment which is making a significant contribution towards the economy of India.

Source by Deepanjan Goswami

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