Navigation There are two things a website navigation can do. One, it can let potential clients read over a website with less difficulty. Or two, it forces potential clients to close the website because they get frustrated with it due to bad user interface. A developer can easily get carried away trying to create the […]

As daunting a task as web designing might be, the real challenge lies in making the site user friendly. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit a site? For me, it is how easily and quickly I can find and access the information I need. With the limited attention […]

The basic factors for an internet user to stick and constantly visit a website are: 1. Subject – the contents and the subject matter on the site must be significant and appropriate. 2. User-friendliness – the site should be easy to use by the user whose features are simple and understandable. 3. Look – the […]

Talented web developers and website designers that have a large portfolio should have no problems designing their own websites to showcase their portfolios. However, thinking about the exact concept and executing that concept could be difficult especially if you want to create a website for your portfolio that is unique. There are so many designer […]

Designing a quality, unique website requires the right combination of art, technology, and communication skills. It is vitally important to the success of any professional website project for the client to be actively involved in helping the designer identify and understand their true wants and needs. Web designers act as both creative coach and translator […]

Over the past few years, the web designing has changed drastically. Gone are the days, when static and very dull websites were in use. Off late, the web technology has gained momentum and now every business, whether big or small, requires very interactive websites. What are interactive websites? These are basically the dynamic websites which […]