Websites catch the attention of any online business. To become a strong competitor in the growing global trends, compelling website is a significant feature. This development is not an easy task and moreover it’s a time consuming process. To reduce this complexity, frameworks were introduced in the field of web application development. Today, framework plays […]

COBIT is an IT governance framework and supportive toolset that permits managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical challenges and business risks. COBIT empowers clear policy development and good practice for IT control all through firms. COBIT emphasizes regulatory compliance, helps firms to enhance the value acquired from IT, empowers alignment and simplifies […]

Robot Framework is a generic automation framework for acceptance of test driven development and acceptance testing. Robot Framework Testing follows keyword driven testing approach by using tabular test data syntax. The tabular test data syntax is easy to use and can be learned by simply checking out RFTraining Videos. Robot Framework is independent of the […]

Front-end development is constantly evolving owing to the technologies and programming languages. Today, when there’s a plethora of applications available Reactjs is one prominent name in the web app market. It is basically a JavaScript library that you can label as one of the best frameworks to develop web apps. It won a huge popularity […]