I was chatting online with a blogger yesterday and we got into an animated discussion about Google’s latest baby – the Google Wallet. “Tap, pay, and save with it. In the past few thousand years, the way we pay has changed just three times-from coins, to paper money, and then plastic cards. Now we are […]

Since a few weeks now (correct me if I’m wrong) search engine Google changed the navigation on the main search webpage. When you visit Google you’ll see the logo, the search box, the search button and the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, nothing else. The navigation on top of the page and below the search box […]

There are many websites where you would find that the contents are of very low quality. There are also some websites where the contents that you find are duplicate ones. But now a change has come to end all these poorly written or duplicate contents. The latest buzz is Google Panda where it underscores the […]

The hottest debate raging on presently among webmasters is the pros and cons of the new Google Caffeine, which is being claimed to be a better search index, capable of providing fresher search results than the Google’s previous index, and also to deal with the vast information being added constantly in social portals like Facebook […]