Are you in business? Do you spend ridiculous amounts of money for a one year’s membership to your local yellow pages directory? How’s that working for you? C’mon…think about it. When was the last time you used the yellow pages to look up a phone number yourself? You either Googled for it, or you called […]

Take Your Seasonal Marketing Strategy to the Next Level Whether you’ve recently started a small business or have pivoted your sales tactics for your company because of COVID-19, you’re probably thinking about how to increase holiday sales. It’s approaching fast, and now’s the perfect time to start your seasonal marketing strategy so you can bring […]

The Federal Rules of Evidence used in the United States federal courts and adopted by many states and the military are codification of many years of common law evidence rules. The development of the modern rules of evidence has been a process of nothing more than putting old wine into new bottles. If one can […]

Hiring a lawyer is a decision that you should stake after a lot of homework. After all, you don’t want up end complaining about the behavior of your attorney. You can avoid these issues if you don’t make some common mistakes when hiring an attorney. Let’s read about some of the 10 common mistakes. 1. […]

Are you a solo practitioner? Do you have a small or mid size law firm? This article is for you to protect your assets, business, and reputation from scammers that have already defrauded hundreds of lawyers and ruined many practices. The story line may develop in a several ways, but conceptually it goes as follows. […]