Most supplement businesses have yet to capitalize on the growth trend in probiotics for weight management. Innova Market Insights found that only 5.7% of probiotics launches entail this market segment. This article explains simple steps companies can take for exploiting this opportunity. HANDING MARKETING OVER TO CONSUMERS Garnering unsolicited commentary by consumers is a good […]

SEO works for every Internet company. However, if you want to capture the attention of your local market, you need to approach SEO with a different mind-set. The following tips will help you drum up more business on a local level by increasing your rank specifically for that goal. Get close to where you want […]

Launching a fresh website, or desire to drive some targeted traffic to your existing site? Advertising your site is an essential part of upping your viewership, and marketing will take many forms. From optimizing your website to increasing awareness, marketing your site is essential for becoming effective online. Part 1: Optimizing your website 1) Optimize […]

Twitter Marketing: The Wave of the Future, eh? Twitter is a news dissemination, conversation and information gathering network. No other network on the planet features immediate up-to-date news provided by ordinary citizens experiencing the news. There are several “personal update” networks similar to Twitter, but none offer the same speed and convenience. Using it for […]

1. App Store Optimization App Store Optimization (ASO) requires many of the same factors that go into great SEO tactics. Things like keywords, titles, and descriptions play a role in the app store listings, so leveraging the right tool to understand these variables can really set your app for a path to a top-tier ranking. […]