Coming out with the right offer at the right time and in the right place–cleverly supported by an exciting gift or a coupon or a free service–is the Number 1 Rule in marketing now. Today, your clients, by and large, are busy surfing: using the different social media platforms, keeping themselves updated on news sites […]

So what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial business partnership between a merchant and a website publisher/owner whereby an affiliate is compensated (commission per sale) for every visitor or client provided through his/her effort. In other words, Affiliate marketing is simple and a quick way to offer products and services without creating […]

Online marketing involves a variety of learning curves hence internet marketing for newbies is pretty risky not only because online newbies have just stepped into this business but also because they don’t have a sound knowledge of the internet. There is innumerable legitimate website, beginners tutorials, newbies guide from where internet newbies can get hold […]

Imagine the world of online retailing without email marketing. A favorite restaurant offering you free dessert for your next stop will send you a message through snail mail. However, the coupon has to go through a process of fabrication before it gets to your mailbox. The restaurant will have to pay for printing, make purchases […]

Internet marketing is a vital part of promoting your business. There are essential components you need to analyze to determine which components or if all of the components will work to further your business. There are many types of internet marketing, but here are the essential components to look into. Develop a website This is […]