A productive framework has changed the rules of web development. Ruby on Rails is a framework innovation: it contains all the ingredients necessary to quickly build a web application performance. It is a tool designed in the spirit of agile development to deliver productivity and flexibility for development teams. Based on the Ruby development language, […]

Anyone that reads blogs from the Rails community has probably already heard about God. No, not the deity in the sky, but an excellent monitoring application that watches your processes and keeps them running. I’ve mostly seen it used for taming mongrel but it can be used to monitor any process. We’re running God for […]

ExceptionHandler is an “error pages” gem for Ruby on Rails. Currently at version, the gem has been downloaded over 170,000 times and is widely regarded as the “best” dynamic error pages gem for the framework. It works extremely well. The most important thing to realize about ExceptionHandler is that it’s basically designed to provide […]

The simple yet powerful open source programming language, Ruby on Rails has emerged as an exciting new venture in the field of software development. This innovative application framework needs lesser effort but has the capacity to achieve more. Ruby on Rails has emerged as one of the most popular application frameworks and has been capitalized […]