By far the best method to earn money online is through search engine optimisation (SEO). Using this technique correctly allows your site to get indexed highly in the search engines, Your target is to get a page 1 position on each of the popular search engines. If you can get your website to the number […]

The Key Elements of Influence and Persuasion There are six key elements of influence and persuasion according to Dr Robert Cialdini, Professor of Marketing and Regent’s Professor of Psychology. They are as follows: Reciprocation Commitment and Consistency Social Proof Liking Authority Scarcity With a background in social science and behavioural psychology, I’m concerned to see […]

“Why are the Overture and Wordtracker figure always so different? Good Question!” Jim Williams Managing Director JU2 Selecting effective keywords is vital to any search engine optimisation campaign. Finding keywords that are going to be effective in attracting the right visitors to your website is a matter of trying to put yourself in the mind […]

Do you have a Yahoo directory listing? Do you know this could have a negative effect on your organic SERPS Click through Rate? Over the past year, we have been measuring and analyzing the traffic of our listing with Yahoo for our web design company. Using the search term “Web Design Ireland” in Yahoo, RedFly […]

Don’t switch from one company to the next when it comes to your SEO needs. Locating a professional search engine marketing is your hidden gem. They are the behind the scenes provider that keeps it all moving forward. You have products or services and there is a market out there for them. They are the […]