Competitions are simply link havens – if you run a intriguing competition, one that stands out from the crowd, and you market it in a unique and novel way, then links become almost an after-thought, they generate themselves. The trouble with this approach however is that it takes a great deal of planning and meticulous […]

Here are 10 great reasons that explain why self-publishing is a great thing to get into. Now, more than ever before, self-publishing can be a fascinating and profitable way to improve your career and bank account at the same time. 1. You retain control of your own publication: This is probably the most important reason […]

One of the many ways of generating website traffic aside from the other search engine optimization strategies like article marketing and the use of bookmarking sites, is using free online classified sites as locations to post your ads. Yes, these free classifieds provide a great peopled channel to kick start your traffic propagation and a […]

The property business has taken a bashing over the last two years, but as the economy shows those elusive ‘green shoots’ of recovery, the prospect of making healthy profits from the property sector is increasingly becoming a reality. But for those who are thinking about entering the business, is important to find a website firm […]

Here’s what you need before you start to publish: • A book description. Smashwords requires a long and short description, so have both ready. (I usually combine the short and long descriptions in my Amazon publication). • A list of seven keywords. I recommend checking Google to research common keyword searches used to for the […]