Your website has many different jobs to perform on your behalf. It is important for it to be your best representation of your business and your brand. If it does not represent your business in a way conducive to helping you make more money, it isn’t doing its job. So how do you know if […]

You can overcome mediocrity once people consider you to be an authority in a certain field or specialty. In the world of the internet, authority is synonymous with excellence and quality in a chosen endeavor. These are websites that have gained the trust and confidence of people from every corner of the globe because of […]

First of all, since I always like paying special attention to beginners, I’d like to explain exactly what dofollow social bookmarking sites are. Social bookmarking sites, in order to prevent spammy submissions, usually add nofollows, which are basically an instruction that the Google bot gets telling it not to pay attention to the link on […]

Why is the Alexa ranking of your website or blog so important? How reliable is the Alexa ranking system? According to Alexa, they gather web traffic statistics from web surfers who have installed the Alexa Toolbar, or from website pages that display an Alexa Widget. This means, that visitors to your site that do not […]