ISEB Software Testing Foundation training courses introduce students to the fundamentals of software testing, including the reasons for carrying out tests, basic test processes and the general principles that underpin testing good practice. Knowing these principles, and understanding how they affect the software tester, is crucial to passing the ISEB Software Testing Foundation exam. 1. […]

By and large software development projects proceed as per the following team structure 1) Team of Feature Owners: It is a top-level team in the hierarchy, which directly interacts with the prospective customers. It is responsible to minutely understand the customer requirements and groups them into several features. Various members in such a team may […]

The rapid battery discharge is one of the most widespread problem of today’s reality. Modern smartphones or tablets contain advanced features and they are full of diverse capabilities. But all this is the reason why software testing company should work harder than ever. Frequently, users make some manipulations with their devices: switch off cellular data […]