Finding a web hosting in Kenya took me more than days. I should say it took me weeks. I started off with some local providers like the Africa online and Kenya web. But soon found that the Bandwidth I required was not provided. I also came to know that some of my friends and clients […]

AngularJS, based on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture, is a Google’s open source framework to help developers while coding and testing the code. AngularJs combines HTML codes and application modules establishing a framework. MVC Architecture is usually made use for planning and developing rich web applications. Let’s quickly discuss the benefits of selecting Angular […]

Is FREE web hosting really free? What are some of the clauses that are attached to it? 1. Service may offer crappy servers which have very poor uptime. 2. Ads may be served on your page. 3. Share a percentage of money earned from your website. 4. Its totally free! It is still technically possible […]

HTML5 is a fifth and current version of the HTML standard developed for organizing web page content and websites. With the development and usage of HTML5, Web Developers are now able to design and build tech-savvy websites by improving the markup language to support the latest technology and trend. The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that […]

If your website is up, and that’s the best you can say about it, no doubt you’ve got the “web woes”. Web woes are what happens when your website is under-performing…. or not performing at all. Unfortunately this situation happens far too often. Many business owners don’t do their due diligence in selecting a web […]

The web is constantly changing and evolving. And as new technologies arrive, old ones are either retired or improved. It is very important to stay abreast with the latest happenings and apply it in your projects. Here’s a roundup of currently trending technology in this field: Progressive Web App These are basically web apps or […]