The pondering time she comes. Have you ever wondered if advertising copy is still king… you know the big kahuna of advertising… the apple of the marketing eye? Heck, with all the modern “marketing devices” we have today, you may be wondering if copy is even relevant these days. Let’s dive in and take a […]

It would be wrong to underestimate the power of writing as a point of therapy. Most writers are aware of the therapeutic nature of writing, but most may be less than willing to admit such writing therapy may be personally beneficial. Sometimes the writing that is most helpful us on a personal and emotional level […]

Recently I experimented with a jQuery event calendar on our Booking System. Our previous version uses ASP.NET to build the booking chart as a whole on the server and then renders the lot to the browser. It was a bit slow and clunky, but worked. I wanted to have a PHP version of the Room […]

In the past few weeks, both Microsoft and Apple, pushed forward their new operating systems to enforce their own visions for the future of computing. Microsoft’s new OS, introducing changes as large as those in the Windows 3.x to 95 shift, has an all new interface, new processor support, massively improved touch features and many […]

Google Analytics In this digital age, the importance of data to a business/website should never be underestimated. In fact, without proper tracking of website traffic, a business is literally lost, especially when it comes to how to optimize the website and make full use of it. Whether your website is run in the form of […]

Mobile Application Development has been defined as one of the leading technical advancements in the present world. Developing a mobile app depends on various factors- the budget, the customers, and the demand for a specific app. From a mobile app developer’s perspective the budget and knowledge of a programming language can decide its success. These […]