Remember when small business used the Yellow Pages as their only means of marketing? Now small business must use search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to keep on top of competitors. A decade ago perhaps a website was enough for a small business to gain a competitive edge. Now having a website is only about half […]

What is a domain name? A domain name is a unique name, kind of like an e-mail address is unique, which is registered in a database called WHOIS through an organization called Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI). The domain name corresponds to a unique set of numbers called an IP (Internet Protocol) address. The reason we […]

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that helps your content to appear on search engines like Google, Bind, Yahoo and many more. SEO is a process, which can make your websites appear in the search engine results that gets more traffic to your website. SEO is mainly based on keywords. The way you […]

The choices available when considering an email account are numerous. You have the freedom to choose between free providers, including Yahoo! and Gmail, or paid providers like Net Zero, AmericaOnline, Apple, Earthlink and Webmail. Often, the advantages offered by paid email providers are close to what you can get by free email providers, who constantly […]

Every business is looking to get its name out into the marketplace to advertise its products and services and to attract clients. To get the right exposure can be a very expensive exercise, so businesses are always on the lookout for way of reaching the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time for the […]

There are many ways to promote your business on the internet without having to spend tons of cash on advertising. You may not have wads of cash when you are starting out your business venture, but with a little bit of creativity you can still effectively advertise your products and services online. Before the advent […]