With the growing competitiveness among the web hosting providers in the web hosting business today, it is very much harder for one to be successful and stay competitive in this Industry than 5 or 10 years before. In order to be successful, here are some of the key criteria which one need to be accounted for;

1. Get fast servers for your site –

Let’s face the reality – It is the 21st century and we are going into the Internet world – Most people go online as it is convenient, fast and efficient to get what they need. In order to accommodate the fast growing needs of customers, you need to ensure that your web hosting plan came with adequate bandwidth, high speed, ample disk space for the amount of traffic you anticipate to receive. Additionally, your web host needs to be flexible enough to expand your plan as your business grows.

It is of not surprising at all that more and more people have changed to dedicated server to take advantage of its high performance even though it is costly than the average web hosting server.

2. Make sure your site is user friendly –

In other words, your site should be Search Engine friendly where your customers or shoppers are able to find you with ease. You should also install search function on all the web pages so that online shoppers are able to search what they are looking for no matter which web page the key item is on. Utilize the SEO, Search Engine Optimization strategies trying to get to the top of the Search engine results page, with the proper use of meta descriptions and correct indexing to ensure your high ranking in the search engines.

A user friendly website should also come with simple navigation instructions, well-organized menus categorized by different functionalities, efficient prompting of web pages as well as a list of customer support lines where the customers can get to in times of needs.

3. Ensure that your site is highly secured-

With the increasing cases of internet hackers and credit card fraud, customers are very much concern with the security of their online credit card details and confidential personnel data when they pay online. In order to confirm that your web hosting is capable to safe-guard your site, both of you need to be compliant with the Payment card Industry;

– The online shopping cart needs to be compliant with the PCI’s valid SSL certificate. SSL Certificate encrypted the credit card and other highly confidential information for every online sales. This is to protect the information from being hacked by any unscrupulous hackers over the internet.

4. Promote and introduce your services / products with your site-

Firstly – you need to identify who are your main target customer groups. Then you may start to promote your site strategically by providing online discount coupons or offering special on-time deal for new customers within the defined duration.

5. Furnished the site with a customer forum –

Nothing is more convincing than listening to feedback and comments provided by the web host ex-customers or existing customers on their web hosting services, customer service, reputation, security and many more. By setting up a ‘customer forum’ at your site, it is useful and beneficial for this helps to create stronger sense of belonging to the existing visitors for the site. Openly share all the comments provided by these customers, both good and not so good over the customer forum will help to attract new customers as people loves interactive sites where people are allowed to comments both good and bad things with freedom for the site continuous improvement.

Source by Darren Thomas

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