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1. An Overview

2. What is Angular?

3. Top 7 Reasons to consider while working with the Angular framework
Ease of use
Simplified MVC architecture
Declarative UI
Strong community support
Modular structure
Code consistency
Two-way data binding

4. Conclusion

An Overview

AngularJS has been gaining huge popularity in the web development industry for quite some time and it is widely embraced by numerous businesses across the world for developing out-of-the-box applications. The days of unresponsive websites, cluttered websites, and broken links are gone. Now it’s time to embrace the modern web development era where websites are more interactive, fast, responsive, and have been impeccably designed.

The days of unresponsive websites, cluttered websites, and broken links are gone. Now it’s time to embrace the modern web development era where websites are more interactive, fast, responsive, and have been impeccably designed. And to do so, several Angular.js development companies are already following the best Angular best practices to ensure that their valued clients obtain the best possible result regardless of their requirements.

Businesses are looking for a reliable and ultra-effective online presence these days. Hence, the requirement for a robust web development framework has cutting-edge functionalities and high demand. As a popular JavaScript framework, it has gained fourth place in the most used front-end framework according to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2021. 

If you choose Angular development services from a top-notch and reliable software development firm, you’ll get what you’re looking for and achieve all your goals that could live on the web and mobile respectively. It units the dependency injection, integration tools, and declarative templates to resolve the challenges that come on the way while developing an app.

In this post, we’re going to know about Angular, what are the main reasons behind companies using Angular. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source web development framework addressed by Google in 2016 with the aim to build amazing single-page client applications using TypeScript and HTML that makes the development process simple and fast. You can find numerous frameworks in the market, but developers around the world prefer using Angular development services for their projects.

If you have ever worked with Angular, you might be aware that it is entirely scripted in JavaScript and executes core functionality as a part of TypeScript libraries. All these libraries are then imported by the developers into your application when working with Angular. As a free development framework utilized by developers to build versatile and top-notch web apps using the current Angular forms composed of HTML and TypeScript. 

You’ll be surprised to know that it is one of the best and most widely used frontend frameworks to develop SPAs which is incorporated with the latest development trends in the quickly evolving competitive sector.

Top 7 Reasons To Consider While Working With Angular Framework

1. Ease of Use

One of the main reasons behind Angular popularity is its ease of use. It has been developed from scratch and developers have added some excellent functionalities that make it easy for beginners to develop user-friendly and rich websites by writing minimum code. You’re not even required to write setters and getters for applying various data models to manage them.

Apart from this, if you’re a beginner, you can easily work with Angular if you have knowledge of the basic JavaScript concepts. So a beginner in the web development industry recommends using Angular due to its ease of use. 

2. Simplified MVC architecture

Numerous web development frameworks are available in the market that can develop amazing products for businesses. But the frameworks available in the market have some other limitations that they can’t bifurcate into the MVC architecture. But when you choose Angular development services for your project to be implemented, then you can make the most out of this feature. You can save a lot of time and effort that you invest in development and also fasten the time to market.

When you work with Angular, it ensures easy development because it helps to eliminate the requirement of unwanted code from the program and simplify the code. Apart from this, it divides the app and takes care of everything.

3. Declarative UI

As we all know, Angular uses the capabilities of HTML to define the applications’ UI and wiring software components together. As compared to JavaScript, it is a less complicated language so developers recommend using Angular for better coding and decoupling DOM manipulation from app logic. It uses intuitive and declarative language having directives, forms control, and much more.

Despite this, you can separate your application’s logic from its presentation as it is a declarative language. The HTML-based templates make it easy for developers to build and maintain the software.

4. Strong community support

Active community support is one of the main reasons why Angular is gaining popularity across the world. It helps developers to solve complex project issues in the least time possible and help implement their solutions into web applications. You’ll be surprised to know that Angular is developed by the Google community and developers that make improvements with open-source frameworks and organize regular conferences. It uses emerging technologies and makes the software development lifecycle smooth and effective. 

5. Modular structure

Modularity is a prime reason why AngularJS is popular and widely embraced by developers. It allows them to create numerous modules for a single web application and combine them to run single applications.

If developers are using modules while working with Angular, the application functionality can be easily managed, which paves the way for application features on-demand and helps you to achieve your goals. Not only this, but it also helps developers to organize code and enhance productivity with appropriate modules built.

6. Code consistency

Developers around the world prefer writing powerful and strong code. It might surprise you to know that managing code consistency means you’re required to create a strong developer ecosystem. As we discussed earlier, Angular supports MVC architecture so that you can stay worried-free and leave everything on it. There is Angular CLI that ensures code consistency which can be reused whenever you need to simplify the development process.

Every codebase needs to be consistent because inconsistent coding increases the risk of elevated costs and delayed launches. Similarly, to make your website work more smoothly and easier, enable the use of pre-defined code snippets and templates.

7. Two-way data binding

This is one of the main reasons why Angular is gaining continuous popularity over the past few years. Using the two-way data binding feature in Angular makes the development process easy for developers and helps them to replicate the modifications in the template that influence the user interface of your application. All this happens in an intuitive manner, which is a bonus, in itself!

Binding forms and different UIs used in JavaScript templates were created at an initial stage. Developers who’ve already embraced the Angular framework to build amazing frontends for their projects and have the potential to come up with dynamic and intuitive web apps that are highly secure and beyond your expectations.


The factors discussed in this post must have given you enough idea of why the popularity of Angular is increasing continuously. This shows that Angular is a leader in the web development industry and has now become a preferred choice for leading businesses. The feature offerings and benefits of Angular help software developers work smoothly on the project and complete it within the given time frame.

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