Fundamentals of WooCommerce Development WooCommerce has everything an owner needs to set up his/her own shop. Not only does it provide services for building the store from scratch, but also to manage and grow it. More than 350 developers have put their heart and soul into making WooCommerce, so one can expect it to be […]

Recently, Security professionals have revealed an exploit that can bypass user account control (UAC) feature of the latest Window Operating Systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. A proof-of-concept code (POC) regarding the vulnerability is in circulation. The code discloses details regarding the methodology for exposing vulnerabilities in the Windows Kernel Application Programming Interface […]

It can be a difficult task if you don’t have the correct tool in place for building a website. People using static web pages will encounter quite a bit of problems when the content increases as it is not so easy to update nor are there any search functionalities in place. Maneuvering around static websites […]

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