Android Application for your Website


* Android application for your website.
* You can get an application for your Blog or WooCommerce website.
* We’ll give you the app Project file.
* If you want we will give the Android Play Store publication.
* Contact us for any problem or details.
* Not the Web View Application.
* Working with WordPress API.
* No need for maintaining service.
* Can be Added to the Admob Account.
Rs: 4999/- Onetime payment.
(Bank Deposit, Paypal Payment)




  • One App – Buy once then and get free Play store publishing.
  • Generate signed App Bundle.
  • Generate signed APK.
  • Install to emulator or device for testing.
  • Full compatibility with All Android versions.
  • Ad Mob Support – Show banner and interstitial advertisements. You can set how often interstitial ads are shown.
  • One Signal Support – Send notifications to users.
  • Notification deep linking. Once your notification is clicked, open the desired URL in a web view section of your mobile app.
  • Customizable splash screen.
  • Customizable Error & No Internet Dialog
  • ‘Rate This App’ menu option.
  • Swipe down to refresh.
  • Loading indicator.
  • Share – Your users can share your content.
  • Material Palette – Select the desired colours from the material palette.
  • Ready for translation – The generated code uses string resources, not hard-coded strings.
  • Change the launcher icon
  • Change the package name
  • Change the app name
  • Change the version name and version code.
  • Used infinity scroll in lists
  • Used only free and open-source third-party libraries.


This demo app was created by Shen-e-Services Blog:
Download and test :


Integrate your app with your Woo Commerce based store.

  • Six different layout options.
  • Supports variable products.
  • Supports Woo Commerce REST API V3
  • It does not require any user name or password.


Show WordPress posts on your Android app

  • Six different layout options.
  • Parallax effect in post detail.
  • Compatible with any WordPress site.


Show WordPress pages on your Android app


Convert any mobile or responsive website into an Android app within minutes.

  • HTML5 Support (Audio, video, geolocation, etc.)
  • Offline Web Pages. Embed files of your web page such as .html, .CSS, or images inside your mobile app.
  • File download & upload.
  • URL handling. You can redirect some specific links to the default application.
  • Permission request at runtime, If needed.
  • Optional swipe down to refresh & loading indicator.
  • Notification deep linking. Once your notification is clicked, open the desired URL in a web view section of your mobile app.
  • Show/hide action bar and drawer menu.

We can add a contact form to your mobile application so that your users can contact you. The mobile app will send you the information collected from the user in the contact form via email.


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