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you can ask and learn or work with me this areas On-Page SEO, Speed optimization (any web language or CMS), CMS customization, Adsense or other ad network.



Now you can hire Shen Tharindu Senanayake for your work or study matters. after ordering you can call me with your order number.

150$ per hour

this listed services you can talk with me.

01. On-Page SEO.
02. Speed optimization. (any web language or CMS)
03. CMS customization.
04. Adsense or other ad networks.
05. Anything related to my services. (without Off-Page SEO)


Chargers are 150$ per hour.
individual or maximum group member 3.
Company website SEO Consultation
100% live and online.
Video/Screen recording is strictly prohibited.


*** Please note this I’m not talking about Off-Page SEO matters in this service. if you want Off-Page service you can order with my Shop ***


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