With the rapid advancement in technology and the increasing number of online businesses, many companies are shifting towards software development services- PHP web development and designing among the most common services. Almost every industry is looking for software development services that meet their business needs through online accessibility to information; hence, improving communication and flow of information.

PHP is one of the most popular open source, web programming languages used to develop robust websites and applications. It is the most commonly used scripting language to build dynamic web pages, and specially aids in making custom applications as per the business requirements.

PHP software development services provide compatibility with multiple platforms, handles complex tasks more efficiently, and gives support for different databases. According to a study, 75% of web servers deploy PHP as the server-side web development language. Some of the unique features and reasons of choosing PHP over other platforms or languages are:

1. Open Source

PHP is an open source programming language which implies that it can be downloaded, used and shared for free. There is no expense required to use PHP for web application development.

2. Rich support for Open Source platform

Developers and end users can use a number of open source PHP web applications for no cost. A number of open source tools and Content Management System ( CMS) can be integrated with PHP to create more improved applications. Some of these applications are:

– Vtiger (CRM)

– WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal (CMS/Blog sites)

– Phorum, PHPBB Forum ( Forums)

– Magento, Virtuemart, OsCommerce, Zen Cart and others.

3. Ease of Use

PHP comes with ease of learning, usage and deployment.

4. Portability

PHP can be executed on either of the servers: Windows or Linux. However, Linux based servers are more cost-effective than Windows due to no licensing fees.

5. Security

PHP offers high security and helps avoid virus attacks and malware.

6. Efficient Development

PHP software development service involves a quick, cost-effective development process within the turnaround time.

7. Effective Frameworks

Other than providing zero cost open source applications, PHP offers a number of frameworks for Custom Web Application development. Such frameworks help organizations create large-scale applications quickly while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. Some of the renowned PHP frameworks are Symfony, Zend, Codeigniter and Zend.

8. Powerful built-in functions

PHP has a complete set of built-in functions to perform a number of web tasks. It helps in building strong business website, CRM solutions, shopping cart design, community forums, e-commerce applications and database driven websites.


Compared to JAVA, PHP is much easier to learn. Java requires huge experience in application development because of the complexity of the language. Also, PHP is independent of the server.

10. PHP Editor

PHP Editor is used by developers to manage a particular code of any software application. In PHP software development services, PHP Editor is used for improved management, review and modification of scripts in PHP applications. These editors are compatible with different operating systems and this capability is found as an in-built feature in the Editor’s design.

As a software engineer, Deliver high quality software development services and enterprise software products for business efficiency. Focus on the emerging technologies that could perform better than the existing tools and languages.

Source by Celestia Sybila

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