3 Steps to Develop Heartfelt Communication

  • September 23, 2022
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It is a challenge like no other to talk from your heart.

Step One: You must get clear inside yourself about what point you are trying to share with another person.

Ask yourself how do I feel about this issue?

Am I mad, sad, or hurt? Then ask yourself where does this feeling come from?

Is it the first time I’ve felt this way or through reflection can I remember other times I have felt this way. Maybe those times are not with this person, but the feeling feels the same.

Spend time making a through study on the source of this reaction or feeling inside you.

Step Two: Ask yourself what am I trying to learn out of this reoccurring situation.

What is the other person trying to help me learn? Be honest and listen to your heart now for guidance.

When you have gotten this “message” so to speak. You should feel a release of this emotion or feeling inside. Relief. Now with this new insight decide if you want to share what you are learning with the person you had the challenging interaction with.

Then clear the old energy by saying, to yourself:

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Open my ability to love. Thank you.

Step Three: If you want to share your new insights with the person whom you had the challenging interaction with then now is the time.

Ask the person if they have time to listen to what you want to share. If the answer is yes then proceed, with words maybe like the following

Own your feelings.

When you talk to me like that I feel like I am not been heard. It makes me feel unloved. Thank you for listening to me.

Remember you are not demanding the other person changes; you are simply sharing what insights you have gained expecting nothing in return.


Source by Dr. M. Wolken

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