Very few people read the entire content, most of them only read the headlines. In fact, eight out of ten people would only read the headlines. It is because the headlines set a tone and establish the main theme of the article. Moreover great headlines can solely draw more traffic towards an article. Hence, one should focus on writing great headlines in order to enhance the write-up.

Not only does the headline affect click-through rates, but it tells the readers what type of article they’re about to read, therefore if the headline is misleading, people would lose interest in it.

So what makes a great headline?

    It purely depends on who one is writing to and where they’re reading it. A great content must accomplish two things:

  • It must appeal to the targeted audience
  • It must provide value to them
  • Besides writing creative headlines, one shouldn’t forget that the title must be appealing to SEO as well. While writing cute headlines, one shouldn’t forget to make it effective and problem solving too. The headlines should be compelling enough to attract an audience and should of great value to the readers in order to make their lives better.

Here are some great headline examples that would help increase the traffic on a blog or article

1. The “Best” headlines

These headlines are typically exact-match searches and are more powerful for SEO. For example, if one wants to search for the ways of improving home décor, wouldn’t they be intrigued by the best ways?

These headlines begin with the words, “The best ways to… “


  • The Best Way To Save More Money While Refurbishing Home
  • The Best Way To Make Your Site More SEO-Friendly

2. The “If I were you” headlines

Each one of us wants to be more successful and desire to improve. We all love to attain more in less time. It’s that feeling which makes the “If I were you” headlines so powerful.

We all love to why we should do a particular thing and what benefit would we reap from it.


  • Why should you buy a fitness tracker
  • Why Online Electronics Shopping Is So Crowd-Pleasing These Days?
  • Why do most people choose to buy furniture online?

3. The ” let me list them down for you” Headlines

Most people generally like list posts. These types of articles appeal to the people for some reason and inspire a lot of clicks as compared to other articles.


  • 5 types of content that are transforming the digital marketing trend
  • 5 Signs Your Obsession with Mid-Century Modern Is Overwhelming

4. The “Don’t be stupid” headlines

Who want to look like a fool? No one, right? Headlines that bring out mistakes we need to avoid are extremely compelling. Because we all want to ensure that we’re not making such mistakes.


  • Five fatal mistakes SEO beginners should avoid
  • Five Worse Marketing Habits That You Should Quit Right Now

5. The “Don’t be ignorant” Headlines

We all want to be the first to know about anything that’s going on. We want to be in the loop every time. So there is something one wants people to know, then definitely write it down.


  • What does your pillow design choice say about your personality?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Hashtags!

There are so many different types of headlines, some may be better for SEO purpose and others may be better for attracting people. It depends on what the writer is trying to accomplish. For instance an SEO services company would want to focus more on SEO while a creative writer writing for fun would want to attract creative people who would be interested in reading creative write-ups. So, it all depends. However while writing, every writer should be focused on what he/she wants to accomplish and wants to convey to the targeted audiences.

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