If you have a website, there are only two real reasons to send people to it. The first reason is online sales. Whether you resale products and services or deliver them yourself, getting online sales while you sleep is the ultimate goal of any website. The second reason to send people to your website is to capture their contact information so that in the future, you can make a sale. This strategy is especially important if your products or services are complex, expensive, or you have a ton of competitors.

When designing your website, you should be thinking about how you are going to capture leads and what you will offer people for their information. Just putting a box on your site asking people to “sign up” won’t cut it. You need to deliver some sort of value or provide a promise of value in the future like a coupon, a chance to win a contest, or some sort of free information or how to guide.

Below are my top 5 ways to optimize your website so it will capture more leads:

1. Capture box – A great capture box will be integrated with your email marketing system such as constant contact, mailchimp, etc. It will have an offer that the subscriber will get simply by entering their information. It’s best to only ask for their name and email address if you would like the highest conversion rate. If you ask for more information than that, the odds are that they won’t subscribe.

2. Reduce their options – People are curious creatures. If you put a lot of dropdown menus, clickable images, and options on your landing page, people will wonder. Reduce the amount of options on your landing page so that people only have a few choices. Also, make sure the choice you want them to choose is in the upper right hand corner. That’s the most valuable spot on your website.

3. Capture pages – A great web strategy is to actually create a “capture page”. A capture page is a single page that only has text about one (1) offer and the only thing the viewer can do is click to subscribe or buy that one thing. It reduces distractions and conversion rates are really high on these pages.

4. Freebies – Offer up something free to entice people to sign up on your site. It can be something simple like a coupon or something more advanced like a “how to” guide. Another strategy is an e-course that teaches them step by step how to do something.

5. Review your analytics – Last but not least, review what is happening on your site. Get a Google analytics accounts and review it weekly. There is one particular feature called “visitors flow” where Google tracks where people enter your site and what pages they visit after entering. This is very valuable information for you to understand how your pages are working and what is not working. From there you can adjust and see the impact of your changes on a weekly basis.

There are additional things you can do like SEO and driving traffic to your site through PPC campaigns, but all of those cost money. The thing to keep in mind is that you want to have a high conversion rate or subscription rate BEFORE you put big bucks into strategies that cost a lot of money. Even then, you want to continue to monitor your site and constantly adjust to improve your capture technique.

Source by Michael LeJeune

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