SEO Helps in Establishing Brand Awareness

The term brand awareness is the level of brand recognition a target market has. It shows how familiar customers are with the products/services of a brand. One of the most important steps in marketing a product/service is by building brand awareness.

SEO makes sure that products/services can be easily found by search engines by means of organic and regular search. When a website maintains its top ranking, it will be more visible to online users.

There is a greater possibility for viewers to click on the link, which directs them to the website. That being said, SEO can benefit a business by establishing its brand awareness a step further.

SEO Makes Sure that a Website is Mobile-Friendly

SEO enhances user experience since Google Search added another parameter to rank higher and this refers to making websites mobile-friendly.

In April 2015, Google Search made a statement on the way mobile-friendliness played an important role on the ranking of websites on Google Search. This change will enhance user experience and give smooth website navigation.

Businesses that like their website to register well on a range of mobile devices can ask the help of Google.

SEO Is Considered a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

The time that it takes for a website to reach top ranking is the same as it takes to pull it down the list. SEO is considered a long-term marketing strategy, wherein it takes a minimum duration of six months for a website to stay on top of the ranking.

Provided that Google algorithm is not changed or competition has not come up with more powerful SEO strategies, it will not be easy for a website to go down the search rankings.

SEO Helps in Gaining Market Share

When a website stays on top of the search engine list, it can be easily found by online users. These users can be considered as leads. The moment they find the information they need from the website, there is a possibility for these leads to convert into customers.

Chances are, customers will make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter or sign up to become a member. Either way, conversion rate increases. As a result, the business gains market share.

SEO Enables Synergy of All Online Marketing Activities

Every online marketing strategy used plays a part in making SEO efforts successful. These marketing strategies that include blogging, content marketing, direct email, e-commerce, social media marketing and web management help improve rankings on many search engine sites.

Integrating all these online marketing activities and aligning them towards a common goal will enable businesses to succeed in their marketing strategies, which include SEO.

SEO Increases Followers on Social Media

Once a website lands on the front page of search engine sites, it will be discovered by more online users. Brand awareness can be very useful even in different social media channels. More often than not, when online users visit a website, they click on social media icons and in time, become followers.

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