More and more business owners, companies and corporations acknowledge the importance of having an online website that represents their activity and promotes their products. But very few know how to create a website, how to deal with its maintenance or how to identify potential threats or bugs. This is one of the main reasons why so many of these people resort to third party companies to perform an on page optimisation report for their website.

And this is where most of them get tricked into thinking that they receive complete and trustworthy reports that highlight their website’s strengths and at the same time put emphasis on the website’s drawbacks.

How can an entrepreneur be sure of the quality of their report?

There are two very important things to do once they receive their website reports:

1. They have to compare the report with another one. If the two are fairly the same, then the business owners can rest assured that they received quality work. But if there are noticeable differences between the reports, they need to identify which of the companies is reputable.

2. The second thing they can do is to get a referral from someone (a friend, a co-worker, a web development company or a marketing company).

What should people look for when they receive an on page optimisation report?

1. Some companies might place a high emphasis on meta tag optimisation. While this technique is important, its relevance has diminished during the last year. The meta tags include: page title, page description and the meta tag for keywords.

However, it is more important to have uniqueness: optimisation for a single keyword, unique descriptions, unique titles, and so on. If a company suggests a dozen keywords for meta tag optimisation – that is a big ‘no’.

2. With last year’s Google Penguin update, some new things have been introduced into the world of ‘online compulsory’. For example, it is now extremely important that every website has their own Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy is even more important on those websites which focus on collecting data from visitors (for e-mail marketing purposes or database growth management).

3. Some on page optimisation reports can misguide people into believing that 404 pages are not important for their websites. As a result, many reports can omit this detail; nonetheless, having user-friendly 404 pages is now more important than ever, both for human visitors and for search engines.

4. A quality report will notify the website owner about the number of 404 pages they found within the website and it will also suggest ways to eliminate these pages (they can affect the website’s ranking). Identifying the 404 pages on a website can be easily done by using Google Webmaster Tools. Simply connect the website to the software and it will search for any issues the website might have.

Source by Fiona Soutter

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