8 Traits Of The Ladies’ Man

  • September 23, 2022
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The phrase, women are shrouded in mystery, is a generally held viewpoint. This mindset has led men to imagine without hope of an accurate answer to what it is that women look out for in men before considering the man for a relationship. Studies have shown that the popularly held opinion of men on this issue, especially as regards what moves the women easily to a man’s side has been false.

Here are a few of the traits of men that attract and keep beautiful men around them.

• Body Language – Women are actually more interested in a man’s carriage than in his outfit. They generally expect their men to be confident and to walk, sit, talk and gesture with obvious confidence exuding around. A dude who may be materially handicapped may have an advantage over a really rich guy in a winning a girl over if through his body language, he is able to demonstrate that he has confidence and is sure of himself.

• Social Status – A person’s position rather than the amount of money he has is more attractive to women. Worldwide experience has shown that military men and policemen marry the most physically beautiful women. The main thrust here is not even the rank, it is just that these men are conferred with authority by virtue of their jobs with its coercive power. Their women hardly leave even when they are maltreated.

• Intelligence – Smart guys also have advantage over their richer and more physically attractive counterparts. Women feel that guys with knowledge would make smarter decisions about life.

• Funny and Confident – Men who are fun to be with who exhibit confidence in their behaviour has advantage over the mind of women than their counterparts who may be endowed very well in other areas such as fashion sense. Women prefer warm, fun creating personalities over and above the fashionable.

• Personality – Women place more premium on personality than in good looks or costly apparel. Carriage over fashion, confidence over display of wealth and poise over popularity.

• Sense of Humor – A sense of humor is a winner any day with women. A man who possesses a good sense of humor has a better chance with women than a man who has a lot of money to spend on them for gifts and food.

• Arrogance – Some of the character traits men like to present to women include being nice, kind and gentle. Studies are showing that women actually prefer the bad guys especially if they are able to display their arrogance and ego. Women prefer uncontrollable men who would not accept to do what they want immediately.

• Lively Joyful Honest Personality – Women have been discovered to prefer lively, energetic and joyful personality in men than good looks, fashion and money. They believe that the zest of the lively, joyful man would provide more satisfaction than anything else in a relationship.


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