I have to admit I simply love shopping for WordPress themes. I enjoy imagining what my new website will look like (or a site for someone else) in a particular.

Then I do demos of themes I’m interested in and try and figure out whether that theme will do exactly what I need it to do.

In late 2009 I was alerted to an upcoming release of a theme called Builder. Builder WordPress theme was truly something I had never seen before in a theme. It’s essentially a WordPress theme builder. You have almost no restrictions in how you lay out your site and design your site.

I love WordPress, but often became frustrated with limitations in layout and functionality using themes. Sure, most premium theme developers have come a long way, but if it’s flexibility you’re after in a WordPress theme, then Builder is for you.

Overview of iThemes

iThemes was a big player in the premium WordPress theme industry long before they released the incredibly popular Builder theme.

If you are just starting out with your own website or are perhaps moving your blog from a free hosting service to a paid hosting service running WordPress, you will do yourself a huge favor by learning all about iThemes as a premium WordPress theme developer. Not only do they provide a nice collection of themes, Builder being their seminal offering, but they offer plugins and extensive resources for understanding WP and web design in general.

Not only does iThemes offer a huge collection of professional WP themes, but they try to educate their customers as well. That gives them a competitive edge for those just starting out with WP or web design in general. They even offer a tutorial on how to pick the right them for your needs.

Pricing & License Model of iThemes WordPress Themes

The license that comes with all iThemes packages gives you permission to use the theme on as many domains as you like and to make as all the modifications that you deem necessary. You never have to credit iThemes for the design. There are no restrictions on using these themes on sites to be sold to clients. Every purchase comes with a solid year of technical support and access to updates on the theme.

iThemes operates on several different levels, making it easy for every customer to customize what themes they purchase and what they pay in the end. The easiest way to purchase a theme is to find one that you like and purchase Single Theme Package. This typically costs around $80 and gives unlimited use of one theme package with the extended year of updates and themes.

Another popular iThemes offering is Flexx theme, which is a bit different from other themes in that it includes 18 different versions of the theme. You can either purchase a Single Theme Package including just one theme version from the package, or you can get a great bargain by purchasing the entire Flexx Package for $199.95. Flexx was the precursor to Builder.

For $127 you can also purchase the Builder theme which is more like a program that allows you to step-by-step design your own theme. This is a great value if you don’t see any themes that you really want to implement as is.

If you design a lot of websites or blogs for clients, then you will get the most value from an All Access Pass. This gives you unlimited access to all themes offered by iThemes for unlimited use on as many sites as you like. A six month membership will run you $297 and a full year membership will run $497. This is the best option for professional web designers.

Refund Policy

You cannot get a refund for any themes purchased at iThemes. This is standard in the industry.

Technical Support

iThemes offers an online support forum to address bugs and other problems installing and making their WP themes and plugins fully functional. They don’t offer a phone number or email address for help, but this is standard with most premium WordPress theme developer services these days.

Customized Options With iThemes Premium WordPress Themes

You can get some advice and have basic questions answered about customizing iTheme themes through the support forum, but no services are offered for extended modifications. The Builder theme is a great option if you don’t see any iThemes that you would like to use as is. See details of this theme (more like a program) under the Prices & License Model section of this About iThemes overview.

History of iThemes

IThemes started with one blogger and website manager who learned through personal experience how valuable and affordable WordPress could be for small business owners (I can totally relate, except I didn’t start a company as reputable as iThemes). The company developed in order to provide functional, SEO oriented, professional quality themes not just for bloggers but for small businesses in need of affordable and well designed websites as well.

Who is Behind iThemes?

Cory Miller is the online entrepreneur who founded and continues to operate the iThemes premium WordPress theme developer website. Chris Jean is the “ninja” coder.

Source by Peter Lawlor

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