If you really want to give your website a significant boost on search engine rankings then you will have to opt for advanced SEO services. In general these services are available after the preliminary optimization efforts have been conducted on your website.

One of the best SEO techniques is article marketing. This process involves writing and syndicating articles to a variety of different online article directories that have a high ranking on Google and other major search engines. However you can maximize the benefits that you have to reap from article marketing by getting your site map linked in the resource box of every article. This will automatically get the search engines to crawl deep within your website and consequently index more of your inner pages.

Another technique often used in advanced SEO services is the use of multilingual websites. It is important to understand the majority of Internet users consist of non-English speaking people. If you target these people in their own languages you will get to harness a broader spectrum of customers from different countries and cultures. Furthermore search engines in different languages will be able to index your page and hence your overall ranking will improve.

Also part of advanced SEO services is the use of long tail keyword phrases. Most people make the mistake of targeting general keywords that are relative to their website but extremely competitive. A better approach would be to target long tail keywords that consist of 3 to 4 words and have much less the competition but a greater chance of conversion.

Optimizing your website for local search is another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. This process is commonly known as geo-targeting. Following the recent algorithm update by Google the importance of geo-targeting has come to light and it shows that Google is favoring those websites that have a good local ranking.

Optimizing internal linking is also essential if you want to reap maximum benefits of search engine optimization. However this can only be done once the rest of your on-page optimization has been completed.

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