Today PHPFox offers the best solution for the development of social networking websites. With over 1300 Plugins, Multilingual Support, WYSIWYG Editor and many more advanced features, it builds the most powerful Social Networking Websites and Community Portals.

A few out of the many advantages of using PHPFox for your Social Networking Website Development are mentioned as follows:

Ease of use

PHPFox provides easily customizable tools for managing online data transfer, making the uploading and downloading of files easy and reliable. This is especially important for social and community-based websites, where the sharing of information is the most common feature and needs to be handled well. Professional PHPFox designers and developers realize the long-term advantages of using PHPFox and are extremely keen on working on projects for this platform.

This means that employing the services of a PHPFox developer company isn’t too expensive, and thus, the costs of making your own social network are a lot less than they used to be. And, since these types of websites are among the highest rated in terms of traffic and user interaction, they are also highly profitable.

Advertisement space

PHPFox makes it easy to management of banner space. Consequently, affiliate marketing and advertising becomes easy and can be very profitable. Of course, some notions about marketing are necessary to make this a profitable endeavor, but most of the professional PHPFox developers can offer you guidance and can create your website from scratch in a way that encourages affiliate marketing and can prepare you for long-term content management.


PHPFox is extremely well suited for the use of various plug-ins, and PHPFox plug-ins are mostly free, which means that you will end up saving valuable resources when employing a professional PHPFox Developers.

Configuring and maintaining PHPFox plug-ins is also fairly straightforward and easy, so once you’re on your own and your completed website has been delivered, you won’t have great difficulties in utilizing and expanding the already built-in plug-ins.


PHPFox was developed in 2005, but initially, it was riddled with security threats, bugs and stability issues. It took almost a decade for PHPFox to be refined to the level of quality it provides today. But, now that all its main issues have been solved, it becomes evident that PHPFox is the best-suited platform for running large social website platforms.

It now offers multi-language support, RSS feeds, news feeds, chat systems, free plug-ins, quiz and event managers, forum and poll modules, user profiles and account managers, galleries for photos, videos and music, and much, much more.

So, it is high time you get on the trend train and start running and managing your own social network website. All you need is expert PHPFox Development Services from a reputed Web Design Company.

Source by Siddhartha R C

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