All You Wanted to Know About SEO Halo Effect

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The halo effect is a cognitive bias which occurs when an individual’s positive or negative traits appear to “brim over” from one area of their personality to another in others’ perceptions of them. Now you must be wondering how this applies to the world of search engine marketing. It is no covert that it takes more time to get a top ranking in Google as compared to getting a top ranking in Yahoo and MSN. Yahoo and MSN tend to permit newer websites top rankings within a matter of weeks; while Google on the other hand will make a new website wait; this is done in order to prevent spammers from hogging up top rankings through huge link campaigns.

So, the SEO halo effect takes place when your website gets their first top ranking. It appears that when your website achieves the much wanted number one ranking for a popular keyword; to get the next ones are easier. For instance; for my website; SEO for Google; that was the exact phrase I was optimizing for when the website was first launched in January 2005. I expended four months tendering to directories; writing and posting articles every two weeks; and I made certain that I posted to my blog at least 5 times a week.

I knew I had to run from pillar to post in order to overcome the “sandbox” in which Google would place the website. And in April 2005; my website finally came “out of the box” and the phrase “SEO for Google” had the website somewhere around 30’s. I worked hard for another month to get phrase to the top spot. Finally; after five months of incessant effort; around 1,200 directory submissions and article postings; all based on the key phrase “SEO for Google”; my efforts paid off.

But; now the challenge was to expand on other phrases which people would enter for finding out information on search engine optimization for Google. So; after utilizing wordtracker; I found nine more phrases to follow which are; Google SEO, Google search engine optimization, search engine optimization for Google, SEO techniques, Google search marketing, SEO and Google, Google search optimization, Google search engine marketing and Google SEO optimization.

Now; to put things in perspective; competition for the phrase “SEO for Google” was not very much when I began; it was around 5 million results. The novel phrases; averaged about 30 million results to compete against. So; would my effort to get these new phrases has to be even more. No; all thanks to SEO halo effect. Today; the above noted nine phrases are within the top 15 in Google and are climbing. I continue to get directory submissions for the novel phrases; while every tenth listing I will still utilize the original phrase.

I am certain after reading this piece of information you know all the ins and outs of SEO halo effect. Go ahead take advantage of the trust which you have created with search engines for your top phrases and always look out for akin key phrases which can help you out in getting ranked.


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