Vacation! Holiday! Leave! These are the Time Off terms, which you hear in everyday office life. Apart from getting leave granted for vacation from your Boss, the most disgruntling thing is filling out the Time Off form and pushing it through various departments like Human Resource (HR), Accounts, etc, just to make sure that all the concerned parties are aware of your leave date period. This is done so that nobody, by chance, puts your name under the Unauthorized Leave category. The whole process is a complete cacophony.

What about a software application which displays all the allowed leave options of the organization? Once you select the required options and submit, the application pushes your form to your Boss on its own. And after your Boss grants your leave the application pushes the same approval to all the relevant departments who process your salary. They will then come to know about your holiday period. Sounds great! Isn’t it?

The point at this moment is about finding perfect Time Off software application. One which can do all your draconian tasks leaving you enough time to fill your vacation form at a leisurely pace.

An ideal application shows all your updated balance leaves each and every time you access it. Through this, you will come to know about how many Offs you have already taken, how many are still there to take, how many are in pending, etc information. Your organization may provide you a few default Time Off balances (both paid and unpaid) for every year in the form of Sick, Provisional, etc. All these balances can be listed and viewed at any point of time using an ideal application.

Manually, filling a form is a tedious job. Not only you need to check all the details (chances are that you may miss a few important fields while filling the form), but also you need to take the form physically to all the relevant departments in the organization. An ideal application saves you from doing all the preceding things. You just need to type in all the relevant details in the form; even if you miss a few relevant and mandatory fields while typing in, the vacation application does alert you to those fields you may have missed. It does this by highlighting them and requesting you to fill them in. Until you fill those mandatory fields, the application would not allow you to submit your form to your approver.

While filling out the form, an ideal application allows you to fill out the form quickly, in turn saving your time. The snazzy drop-downs which provide you all the Time Off Time Types (E.g., Casual, Sick, Paid/Unpaid, Holiday, etc) along with the relevant default Reasons (E.g., Doctor Appointment, Vacation, Jury Duty, etc) to select from, makes your job easier. The Status (E.g., New, Submitted, Saved, etc) of your form is shown every time to update you.

In most of the organizations, the approver will approve the holiday depending on how many days the employee applied for. Since each and every day counts for an employee, the payroll department does the typical calculation of the number of days the employee applied for holiday; if it is paid holiday, then how much the organization needs to pay and if not, how much should be deducted. Manually, all these calculations take a lot of time. An ideal application does all these calculations at the click of a button and provides all the required details at the tip of your fingertips.

While applying for holiday, when there is a need to convey something to your approver an ideal application provides a Notes column where you can type in the required reasons or excuses and submit the same. You can even print and save the form for your reference. If at all you change your decisions, like not to take Off after filling the form, you can even cancel the form.

Finally, an ideal application saves your time, eases your filling and submission process, and overall, do not take much resources from your side. Even the approving process will be made cushy; this is important, if you are supposed to approve for hundreds of employees within a short span of time.

Source by Pavan M Kumar

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